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We turn ideas into software.
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Software since 1991 _

1991 AD


The world wide web was born August 1991, pretty much at the same time as AMD’s AM386, Intel’s 486SX, Microsoft’s Visual Basic, Python, HTTP 0.9 and Fortran 90. The same year, Steffi Graf won Wimbledon and Terminator got back (way too early) to save the world.

Despite 2000s challenges (Y2K & dot-com bubble burst, anyone?) we made the best out of it. We surfed and expanded upon an unprecedented wave of technological advancements, to open our first offices outside the headquarters in 2005 (Oradea, RO) and 2006 (Lugoj, RO). Diversifying the expertise into multiple technologies, industries and geographies is what fuelled Berg Software’s continuous growth.

That’s a lot of recent-ancient history, to only say:

Resilience & Agility


We are resilient

Once planning is done, we are laser-focused on the end goal and relentless to execute. Our multiple expertise fields are mutually supportive in the long run. When times are rough, we buckle-up and ship through, always supportive of our partners. When times are good, we celebrate their success and keep them empowered.


We are agile

At Berg Software, we think on our feet and are quick to adapt. We strongly believe that human interaction and collaboration are very important ingredients to software development. We favour frequent deliveries in small batches, that encourage client agility, too. The bottom line: working software is the measure of our success.

Technical & Personal


We have the hard skills

Through good work ethic and excellent tech skills, our professional teams provide the best software solutions to happy clients. We cover multiple technologies (beyond just web and cloud) for several industries (manufacturing, retail, IT, data storage etc.). Whether you are looking to expand your team or to develop a software product from ground up, we are it.


…And the soft skills

Family, friends and fun are a major part of our life-work balance. We are a Romanian-based company with German heritage, that shares European values (freedom, equality, responsibility) and culture (languages, arts, openness). The bottom line: work is as enjoyable as the people you work with.

We turn ideas into software _


Morning’s coffee fumes and afternoon’s gym fury: we need them both to power through the day. And night. And all the ups and downs and sprints and marathons we run along the way.


We feed on daydreaming, dancing, reading, chatting, cat patting, brainstorming, pizza-ing, googling, doodling. That’s how our best ideas show up, before we turn them into solid software building blocks.

Hard work

Finally. Sit down, code on. Stand up, lift the desk, keep coding. Slouch on the couch or out in the garden, then code some more. Put the hours in. And the days. Do the work to *make it* work.

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29 years in business | 2700 software projects | 760 clients | 24 countries

We turn ideas into software. What is yours?

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